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Local Heroes Continues The Mission to Serve Veterans

Welcome back to Local Heroes! Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and your continued support of our veterans. Local Heroes has completed one of our missions with sending over 17,000 care packages overseas. Thank you everyone who over the last 9 years every week took part in helping us with care packages and your donations. Thank you.

Even as this mission is complete for us we are still very much fully engaged in many other missions in helping veterans and their families through support, assistance and any of the numerous other issues we address with Local Heroes because our veterans and their families deserve our ongoing support. Every day our volunteers at Local Heroes with the support of our local communities continue to help these young warriors re-integrate from military life to civilian life.

Please check back with us frequently to learn how you can help through upcoming events, volunteering and much more. Thank you.

Sincere Appreciation,

Lou Cimaglia


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